Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tryouts 2


A few posts ago I detailed what coaches are looking for at tryouts. That's still worth reading, or re-reading. 

This post, on the other hand, is meant to detail how we're going about it. 

you'll need cleats, running shoes, and shinguards

Monday 3PM. 

Everyone will be assigned a number, randomly. Everyone will meet on the track on the grass to run 2 miles (8 full laps) the Holiday Run. Running shoes [anything not cleats] are required. Cheating on the number of laps the full distance would be unfortunate. 

Returning players that are currently Juniors and Seniors will be dismissed for the day. 

Sprints. We'll do this sort of like king of the court kind of thing. Winners of each sprint move up, losers move down; more or less anyway. How many? Many. 

Then we'll move up to the grass. Cleats and shinguards are required. Dribbling and shooting drills. We'll do this until we're done for the day (about 5:00 PM). 

Tuesday 3PM

Everyone will run 1-mile. We're now unsure if it will be Holiday, or Maverik. Everyone, including returning players will stay.

We'll do sprints like the previous day. 

On the grass in cleats and shinguards we'll watch players dribble, cross, and shoot. We'll also spend time with short-short-long passes. 

We might do small sided games if time allows.


3PM. On the grass pitch. We'll watch small sided games, and then go full field, slightly larger teams scrimmage. 

Cuts. I think we may make cuts Monday night. Maybe. For sure we'll make cuts Tuesday and more on Wednesday. 

Making the team for you boys is difficult, we realize. it's stressful. You want to get everything right. There are other boys trying just as hard as you are. We get it. Do your best. 

They are difficult for us as well. It's stressful. We hate cutting any of you. Yet, it's something we have to do. 

We'll have a team meeting for parents on Thursday at 5:00 PM in the cafeteria. 



...the end result is that we'll be on the grass the entire time (save the running to start things out).

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