Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Once, a long time ago when I coached for Spanish Fork High School, regions were much much more geographically spread out. It meant we'd occasionally have to travel to St. George to play a region game. 4 hours down. 3 hours of game. 4 hours back. 11 hours, mostly on a bus.

Again, that was a long time ago. Not stagecoach old, but old nonetheless. 

Enter then new day, where travel is limited. Roy High School will be the furthest we stray from Midvale. Even our tournament is only in Orem. We had the opportunity to travel to St. George for a similar tournament. This [Orem] seemed far more financially viable ($85 versus $285).

Let's talk about that tournament. First, those that make the team, will have to fill out the district Medical and Insurance form, and then get it notarized. 

We'll dismiss athletes from class at 11:00 on Friday, March 11. The bus departs 30 minutes later. We arrive and check in to our hotel. Fairfield Inn and Suites. It's brand new. Varsity plays at Mountain View High School at 5:30. JV plays at American Fork High School at 530. We'll arrive back at the hotel at about 800 and eat. Pizza. At least thats the plan. Also, there's a pool and hot tub. Lights out at 1030. 

Saturday, March 12. Bus leaves at 8:00 for Varsity game at Mountain View High School at 9:00. JV plays at American Fork High School at 9:00. There's not a lot of time in between games, but we think the food court in the University Mall in Orem would work well for us. Then the third games start at 1:00 (MV & AF). Figuring games end by 230, travel time back, we'd be in Midvale at about 400, Saturday afternoon. 

The tournament allows us to add an additional preseason game to our schedule. So, we get five, instead of four. It also allows the boys to bond a little. And that bonding, hopefully leads to more team unity, and that hopefully leads to a better team. 

That's the idea anyway. 

Oh, and it says JV, but it also means Freshman/Sophomore team too. We don't have any idea who is who, or who plays where. It's something preseason is supposed to help us sort out. So, everyone is coming, and everyone is playing. 


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