Monday, December 14, 2015


Today it's snowing. In two short months we'll start our preseason conditioning. Hopefully there will be a little less snow then. :)

There's a lot of speculation about our field, and where we'll play. The short answer is I don't know. The long answer is...that I don't know. There, as far as I know, only a couple of options. First, we may play on the grass field above the stadium. The problem is that it's too short. 102 yards in length is too short. And finally, everyone seems to have heard my pleading...everyone seems to understand that 102 yards is too short. So, that leaves a secondary option. Currently, we're looking at Union Middle School. We could map out a proper sized pitch. To me, that's 115 x 75. To put that in perspective, Etihad Stadium (home to Man City), KC Stadium (Hull City), Old Trafford (Man U), St. Mary's Stadium (Southampton), Britannia Stadium (Stoke City), St. James Park (Newcastle), Hawthorns Stadium (West Bromwich), Liberty Stadium (Swansea City), Emirates Stadium (Arsenal), Stadium of Light (Sunderland), Carrow Road (Norwich City), Villa Park (Aston Villa), and Stamford Bridge (Chelsea). 

Apparently, or so I've been told, the district is interested in making our field a better place to play. Towards that end, they (still--it's what I've been told), they'll spend money to make our field larger. How big? Well, that remains to be seen, but 110 is the target. How wide? As wide as possible. I would think if we have the room to make it longer, we can make it respectable...70 to 75 is the target. 

None of that, however, has been decided. So, right now I have no idea where we'll play. I believe we'll have our camp on the grass above the stadium. Stay tuned for that. 

Preseason Camp. 

It's coming. Soon. It takes about six weeks to get conditioned. For that alone, signing up is worth the time and effort. We'll work on skills. Passing, trapping, etc. But the single best reason to sign up is to have a fair chance at tryouts. Can you run 3 miles? Can you do dozen field length sprints? When it's time to hit that left footed mid calf shot, will you? Coaches cannot pretend to see it all. We see what we see. If you're having a bad day, do you want your tryouts to come down to a few bad touches? Camp allows us to take those bad touches and days into account. It's a suggestion. It's not mandatory. 


We had one. It's over. We sold over 200 cases and made just over $3000. All for the program. All for the team. We have one remaining. Diners cards. They cost the team $5. We sell them for $20. Each athlete that makes the team will be given 3 cards. Each student is responsible to sell the three, and must turn in $60, and then bring me the receipt. It's plausible to "horse-trade" them with other athletes. Give yours to Johnny, or whatever, and Johnny can sell six, rather than three.'d have to have an agreement with Johnny and let the coaches know. For each card sold, we'll give you $5 credit towards apparel. Towards a spare training shirt, the green long sleeve ones, or even a jacket. So, selling 3 cards gets you $15 credit. 

That's the plan. It may change, but not by much. 

Thanks for tuning in. See all of you soon. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.