Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wednesday's Meeting

This last Wednesday, prospective athletes met. We discussed the following:

  1.  Students should follow us on twitter @hillcrestsoccer.
  2.  Students HAVE to register on before they can try out. Students must have a current physical on file. Fees are not required to tryout; after making the team, however, they're due within 5 days--BEFORE our first game.
  3. Fundraiser. We're selling oranges and grapefruit. $30 per 20 lb. case. Monies are due by 11/30. Delivery on 12/11 or 12/12. Students are solely responsible for picking up the fruit when it arrives and delivering it to their buyer. Students need to sell at least 3 boxes. more than 3, results in a $5 credit per box sold, redeemable towards merchandise. 
  4. Please have parents of juniors and seniors email me to approve or not an overnight trip to Orem after the season starts. 
  5. Camp starts January 12. 4 days a week. $50. Sign-up soon please. 
  6. Stay off the grass field while we're trying to make it a perfect pitch. 
  7. Tryouts are February 29. We're working on a place [presuming the grass is dormant].

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Here are the jackets and the stuff. We'll add--for sure--a green t-shirt similar to what we already have. We'll probably add another pullover something too. 

You can order anytime really. Here's the form. Print it out, fill it out, pay for it, bring me the receipt.