Thursday, October 29, 2015

And So It Begins

October 2015

A few things to be aware of...

1. Starting next Wednesday, November 4th, we'll start our first fundraiser--selling oranges and grapefruit. If you're a prospective athlete, you'll need to participate. It shows your interest in helping the team. It provides new and better equipment. It's important. The meeting is 11/4 at 7:00 AM. See me for more details. 

2. Preseason camp is coming. It starts January 12th. It will run six weeks, four days a week. It costs $50. Again, all monies go directly into the program to buy more and better equipment, and ultimately to bring you a better season. Sign up now. This camp isn't mandatory. It does allow us to look at your talents and potential more in depth. Relying solely on tryouts can be risky.

3. We're setting up a two-day, three game tournament with Mt .View, Cottonwood, and American Fork. It involves an overnight stay in Orem during the second week of the season. If you're a parent of a senior or junior, please call or email me to let me know whether you support the overnight trip or not. Please. 

4. With the addition of a freshman team, we're planning on keeping 50 boys. That's a lot. Competition to get one of those slots will be tough, however. If you were on the team previously, it is not a guarantee of anything this year. 

5. We have a more robust lineup of athletic clothing to choose from this year. I think they all look great. I hope you'll all be excited for that.