Monday, June 1, 2015


If you're planning on trying out next season, there a few things you can do to help your chances. 

1. Play on a competitive club team. You may work hard, and you may have terrific foot skills. But that's really only part of a complete player. We're looking for great attitudes. We're looking for hard working athletes. And we're looking for players that understand positioning--even on a basic level (team play is far different than pick-up games).

2. We will have a camp after Christmas break. I'll post dates and details later, but a quick glance at the calendar shows a probably start date on January 19th, 2016. The camp would go for about 5 weeks and cost about 30 bucks. 

3. Off-season, regardless if you're on a club team or not, is a perfect time to work on your technical ball skills. By that I specifically mean: can you dribble well? Are your passes crisp? Are your traps perfect? Can you adjust those fundamental skills based on conditions like longer grass, or wetter fields, or bumpy and uneven surfaces?

Nate Walker was nice enough to demonstrate some of those technical ball skills you can easily practice on your own. I would add to it a few finding a wall and passing it firmly (really hard) left footed into the wall and making left-footed traps...then right-footed. Passing and trapping. I'd also find a goal with nets to shoot into into. Stay close to the goal and shoot it HARD left footed, then right footed. Gradually back up. The idea is to start with POWER. Then after you can kick the ball apart, you're practicing PLACEMENT. Working on speed is harder. You must practice speed without the ball, and then of course, speed WITH the ball. Stadium work is good practice. Give your calves a workout--hop up and down the stairs--and stay on your toes. Dribble with the ball. Speed matters. And it's honestly one of the first things we'll look at next year. 

So, watch the videos...and practice, practice, practice. 

and thank you Nate of helping out. I'll try to get these on play list on youtube. If you've got a drill you think would be great to practice in the off-season, and you'd like to share it here, please email me.