Thursday, May 28, 2015


Last night's banquet was really quite wonderful. Such a great group of young men. It appeared that they enjoyed themselves. It appeared, too, that they enjoy each other's company. And, from a team point-of-view, that's pretty great. 

Recap of winners:

Nate Walker--Golden Boot. 8 goals and the fastest player on the pitch (Cade says he thinks he can challenge that claim--and that's a race we will have to wait until next March to run--but I can't wait!!). Several assists on top of that goal count too. Two goals stand out for me--the 50 meter run at West on the rain with the ball STILL out pacing the chasing defensive player with a cut to his right and the slotting the ball back. A clinical, cold-blooded finish. Just sheer perfection. And that was part of the hat trick! Then the volley off the corner kick rebound against Cottonwood to seal the game.

Sahand Arman--Offensive Player of the Year. Sahand didn't make the region games last season. I saw Sahand play up close and personal two years ago in West Jordan. He distributed the ball perfectly then, and even better this season. He was the glue that held an offense together. He understands the game and the direction the players and game need to go. He's supportive, and he's just a marvelous player. It was so wonderful to have him play the season. 

Ryan Heslop--Defensive Player of the Year. He did this last year. Of course, Ryan did other things well too exactly like he did last year--like a red card the last game of the season. :) what mattered most to the team this year was Ryan tutelage to others. He makes everyone play better. He played next to Eric and helped him play superbly. He played next to Nick and helped Brenden. Ryan is the consummate defensive player and one of the best athletes on the field. Scoring goals off set pieces was possible because Ryan delivers under pressure. 

Marshall Underwood--Heart of the Husky. Student Body President. Captain. Hard working. it's hard to measure Marshall's contribution. He is a solid defensive player that rarely makes mistakes. He works harder than nearly every player and it shows on the field. His speed is so underrated...yet, at practice, and during the game Marshall is the unwavering heart of the team. 

Jorge Cisneros--Most Valuable Player. If there was every any doubt about Jorge's ability is was played out against Cottonwood when he rose above the scrum in the box off of a corner kick and batted the ball away--he saved the sure goal, and kept us in the game.  Few players take goals personal. Jorge is one of them. He owns each of them--whether he's responsible or not. Jorge is humble and lets his action speak for him.

Honorable Mention, something we didn't talk about...but I want to mention because it matters to me...seniors that deserve a word or two.

Players like Samuel Kunkler. Missed several games. I believe he hadn't missed those games in the early part of the season, he'd have been able to contribute more than he already did. We saw Signs of brilliance with runs up top against Granger behind their back line. Creative, fun runs that mattered. We hated when he wasn't there for those. Super hard working, and a true love of the game.

Calum Yule. A broken foot took Calum out all of preseason. He still hobbled to each and every practice and game on crutches. He fought his way back and ended up being one the best players in the game on either side of the ball. He played with more passion and drive than anyone. So much so, that he was warned by the referee for it. All for simply not understanding that Calum loves the beautiful game. All because Calum is wonderfully talented. All because Calum, like all of us reading this, has a desire to win. I believe without the broken foot before the season Calum would easily make even more of an impact.

Hussain Qatar. Never played a game. He worked so hard. And his hard work and effort brought three goals. He made practice a great place to be. 

Caden Gregoire. It's hard to talk about desire to win without mentioning Caden. He plays his position with passion and desire. You can't mention grit and determination without recalling a bloody nose and finishing the game against Cottonwood. He chalked it up to playing hard and doing his job. We chalked it up to be a bad-a@#. 

Thank you seniors for your contribution. Thank you for playing as hard as you played, and thank you for loving the beautiful game.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I know

I know the season ended less than 24 hours ago. I know. 

Next season is, after all, next season. I do, however, have a few dates to share for next season. The dates may change, but I doubt it. Times may likely change for some games. Venues probably won't change. 

So...keeping that in mind, I offer the following:

Tryouts: March 2nd and 3rd. 3:00-5:00 PM (last year the dates shifted by a week--I doubt that will happen this year). We'd like to run these longer than 2 hours--we'll see and keep everyone apprised.

The Google Calendar at the bottom of this blog has the games listed. 

Our region changes next year. We become a large 4A school. Our new region includes (in no particular order):

Judge Memorial

We don't have any preseason games scheduled yet--I'm working on it. Count on (I think) Mountain View and Cottonwood. We're only allowed 4 preseason games this coming season.

thanks...hope to see you all at the banquet.


End of Year Stuff

Ugh. Losing to West isn't a great way to end the year. 1-4.

Let's get to that quickly.

Totals...including a video replay correction [Schnegg knocked one in that was going in, regardless, off of Walker's header].

The game before, however, was spectacular. I felt that everyone played well. I felt we we embraced the adversity, the bad weather, and played as a team. Early goal, and then tied. Then even though it was frantic, we stayed together and played even better in the rain. Seniors played some of their best soccer of the year. Everyone played well. It was fun to watch, and it was fun to be a part of. 

Nate Walker 7 goals (vs SF and hat trick West & header vs Taylorsville & a brace at Cottonwood) 
Hussain Qaisar 3 goals (vs MV & WJ & West)
Marshall Underwood 2 goals (vs Roy & West)
Ryan Heslop 2 goals (vs WJ & Cottonwood)
Cade Kartchner 2 goals (vs Taylorsville & Cottonwood)
Sahand Armand 1 goals (vs WJ)
Tenzin Samdup 1 goal (vs Cottonwood)
Calum Yule 1 goal (at West from foul on Walker)

Ryan Heslop 3 assists (vs Taylorsville & Cottonwood)
Nate Walker 2 assists to Hussain and Samdup (vs MV & Cottonwood)
Sahand Armand 2 assists to Walker (vs SF & West)
Sam Kunkler 1 assists to Underwood (vs Roy)
Marshall Underwood 2 assists (vs SF & WJ)
Farhoud Rezaei 1 assist to Walker (vs West)
Cade Kartchner 1 assist to Walker (vs West)

Other things...

Jerseys. Pinnies. We need them now. 

Practice balls. Was $10. Now $5 (I've already talked with Paradis). We'd like to replace ours next season. These are all in nice shape. New, the Select Numero 10 are about $30. They still have a year left on their 3-year warranty. Anyway, $5 helps the team, and we hope you'll take one home to practice with in the off-season. 

We do have a few clothing items for sale too. I even have a NIKE Ambassador jacket ($100). It's an XL. We have one large black NIKE zip top ($40), a medium gray zip top ($50), a green large hoodie ($40), a handful of gray short sleeve and long sleeve trainers ($25), and some black long sleeve t-shirts ($25). We're hoping parents and the like wear Hillcrest Soccer year round. :)

The banquet is set, and many have turned in notes indicating they'll come. Costa Vida is catering. Let us know. We have to have a head count. Come celebrate the boys, come say good-bye to the seniors. 


Sunday, May 10, 2015


Here's the 411. 

Hillcrest Varsity plays West Monday 5/11 at 4:00 PM. If we lose, we're done with our season. If we win, we go on to play Alta on Tuesday. 

We really need a head count on the banquet, so be sure to let me know what you're thinking. 

JV is coming to he game with us. They are a part of the team and we're excited for their support. The athletes are excused at 1:45, and the bus leaves at 2:15. JV also is expected to dress up tomorrow, and ride the bus in shorts and gray training shirts. 

See you there. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015


A few important notes:

1. Our season is far from done. We simply must win on Friday night against Cottonwood. Yes, we need West to lose. But, at the end of the night for any of that to matter we must win. 

2. Senior night. It's a big deal. Those 8 boys have played hard. Each win or loss weighs on them. They carry them. Play hard for them. 

3. The banquet is a big deal. We'll give out 5 awards: Golden Boot, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Overall MVP, and Heart of the Husky. Academic All-Region awards for a handful of players (that's for ANYONE with a GPA of 3.75 or above). We'll also eat :)

4. We have a handful of the new black long-sleeve shirts available for anyone wanting one in every size (S, M, L, XL). $25

5. We are selling our practice balls. They're in terrific shape. $10.

6. Thank you one, and thank you all for all you show the boys. It means the world to them, and to us as a staff. 



Nate Walker 5 goals (vs SF and hat trick West & header vs Taylorsville) 
Hussain Qaisar 2 goals (vs MV & WJ)
Marshall Underwood 2 goals (vs Roy & West)
Ryan Heslop 2 goals (vs WJ & Cottonwood)
Sahand Armand 1 goals (vs WJ)
Tenzin Samdup 1 goal (vs Cottonwood)
Calum Yule 1 goal (at West from foul on Walker)
Cade Kartchner 1 goal (vs Taylorsville)

Nate Walker 2 assists to Hussain and Samdup (vs MV & Cottonwood)
Sahand Armand 2 assists to Walker (vs SF & West)
Sam Kunkler 1 assists to Underwood (vs Roy)
Marshall Underwood 2 assists (vs SF & WJ)
Farhoud Rezaei 1 assist to Walker (vs West)
Cade Kartchner 1 assist to Walker (vs West)
Ryan Heslop 1 assist (vs Taylorsville)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Maria Bailey is help organize the end-of-year banquet this year [thank you kindly].

Here's the actual flyer and information...

Boys’ Soccer Team End of Year Banquet
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Hillcrest High Cafeteria
5:00-7:00 p.m.

We will be having Costa Vida cater the dinner. 

Cost: The Soccer Team will be no cost
           All other individuals will be $10.00 each

Two tacos, beans, rice, picco, chips and salsa.  The plates, silverware and napkins will also be included in this cost.  Costa Vida will come and set up the dinner.

Any questions: Contact Coach Raine or Maria Bailey – or text: 801-573-2236.

(Please return at the Tuesday (5/5) or Friday (5/8) Game.  You can also have your son bring it to practice this week and give it to Coach Raine.)

o   My son, ____________________________________, plans to attend the banquet.-no cost

o   __________plan to attend.  ($10 per each person)
(# who plan to attend)

In order to place an order, please include a check, made out to Hillcrest High-with Boys’ Soccer Banquet on the memo line or cash needs to accompany this order form.

It will be a great night to celebrate the season and wish the seniors well.

Monday, May 4, 2015

This Week

Today is May 4th. This week shows two games. Tuesday 5/5 versus Taylorsville, and Friday's ggame versus Cottonwood.

Both are at home.

Tuesday's game...Varsity starts at 3:30. JV follows at 5:15.

Friday's Senior Night. JV starts at 5:15. Varsity starts at 7:00.

I hope to see you all there.

Please come and support the boys, like you all do so so well.