Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Last few games

It's been a pretty intense set of weeks as region play ramped up. I haven't posted. I am sorry. I won't go, however, through play-by-play--for now, anyway. 

We lost against Hunter 1-5, then against West 0-5. Both were at home. 

Then we played at Cottonwood. We beat them 2-1, while showing over 80% possession for stretches of the game (including the two stretches where we scored). Then we played West at West in the pouring rain. We won 5-3. We showed effort, tenacity, and true grit. We played well. Here are the short videos of the scores. Again Matias records these and then is kind enough to send me the video clips. So, thanks to him for it all.

Marshall Underwood's set-piece goal from 35 yards out. 

Nate Walker's goal. Watch him outrun defenders as he's dribbling the ball. 
Calum's PK. Smooth.

This is the last second of Nate's header over the keep. 


Nate Walker 4 goal (vs SF and hat trick West) 
Hussain Qaisar 2 goal (vs MV & WJ)
Marshall Underwood 2 goal (vs Roy & West)
Ryan Heslop 2 goal (vs WJ & Cottonwood)
Sahand Armand 1 goal (vs WJ)
Tenzin Samdup 1 goal (vs Cottonwood)
Calum Yule 1 goal (at West from foul on Walker)

Nate Walker 2 assists to Hussain and Samdup (vs MV & Cottonwood)
Sahand Armand 2 assist to Walker (vs SF & West)
Sam Kunkler 1 assist to Underwood (vs Roy)
Marshall Underwood 2 assists (vs SF & WJ)
Farhoud Rezaei 1 assist to Walker (vs West)

Um...these assists are to the best of my recollection. If they're in error, please let me know so I can make them accurate and give everyone the credit they deserve.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A little help

Good afternoon everyone reading. 

If you're a mother of a senior athlete...or actually anyone...who'd like input on the senior athlete teams gifts this year, please email me--or text--or call. 

Not just input honestly, but help putting it all together. 

Also, as the end of the year is counting down, we're also looking for parents to help with the banquet. 

So...if you're interested, let me know. 



Thursday, April 16, 2015


Good afternoon.

A few things.

Tomorrow we're playing at Taylorsville. Varsity starts at 3:30. JV follows at 5:15.

Saturday we're playing West. It's a home game. Varsity is the only team playing. The game starts at 3:00 PM.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Live Streaming

Here on out, all our home games are streamed live through KSL.

The link is here http://live.ksl.com/scheduler/embed-view

I hope you're all as excited about it as I am. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015


A fixture change--please take note.

Our games against Taylorsville have been swapped. 

The Friday, April 17 game was a home game. It's now an AWAY game. It will start at 3:30 for Varsity, and then follow with JV at about 5:15.

The Tuesday May 5th game was an away game. It's now HOME game. Times for that are TBD--the boys didn't seem to care about the game time, so we'll see. ;)