Thursday, February 26, 2015


This is the final roster:

12 Arman Sahand
12 Cisneros Jorge
12 Gregoire Caden
12 Heslop Ryan
12 Kunkler Samuel
12 Qaisar Hussain
12 Underwood Marshall
12 Yule Calum
11 Ferre Jacob
11 Ganom Misha
11 Giacomo Andrew
11 Guldner Connor
11 Herrera Ronaldo
11 Rezaei Farhoud
11 Schneggenburger Eric
11 Walker Nate
10 Atkin Trey
10 Bernt Nick
10 Boyd Hunter
10 Case Charles
10 Eliason Eric
10 Kartchner Cade
10 Liddiard Jared
10 Salter Josh
10 Samdup Tenzin
10 Vizcarra Francisco
10 Walkoviak Jackson
9 Bailey Kyle
9 Collins Nick
9 De la torre curiel Ramon
9 Dominguez Egiedo
9 Hammond Logan
9 Heslop Pete
9 Lewis Laran
9 Nichol Brendan
9 Paradis Cole
9 Raty Joshua
9 Ruff John
9 Underwood Cole

If your name is here, congratulations. Our schedule for the next few days is fast and furious. Monday we have a few housekeeping things to take care of--namely, jerseys, lockers, fundraiser, and rules. We'll meet in my room at 3:00 PM. We'll even walk through the 4-4-2 [Varsity and JV will start with that formation]--so, although we won't play, we will head up to the field. All athletes must have their physicals done by Thursday (you cannot miss practice to accomplish this). All athletes must have their participation fees paid by Thursday ($70). All athletes must have their spirit pack paid by Thursday ($100--includes shorts, socks, training shirt, awards, and end of year banquet). Pay in the front office, and bring me the receipt. If that short checklist isn't take care of, you can't play on Thursday in Westlake.

Our parent meeting is Monday. Because we have a Region 6 meeting, we'll have to hold the meeting at 4:30; the meeting will last 30 minutes. Parents and students must watch a thrilling hazing video (it's NOT a how-to, but a let's not do it). We'll talk about the fundraiser, extra gear (some brilliantly great stuff, by the way), expectations, game schedules, and we'll help answer questions. 

Again, thank you one and all for coming to tryouts. If you didn't make it, you are welcome to come and ask. The level of play was amazing, and the decisions weren't easy. It took us more than 45 minutes to settle on the last dozen of the 39. Several athletes that could have made the team were excluded because of grades. We're hoping that everyone comes and tries again next year.

If you have questions, you're also more than welcome to email me at



Wednesday, February 25, 2015



We hate them. We hate them for a variety of reasons, including the simple fact that we have to exclude kids from things they want to do. It isn't funny, nor do we take it lightly. As a coaching staff, we feel horrible with each slash of the pen; we grieve and we worry. And as hard as it is on our end, we know it's harder to not make the roster. We're sorry, and we wish we could keep you all.

82 student athletes came to try for a position. The effort was tremendous, and the level of play was amazing. Everyone should be proud of their effort. 

The following list are athletes we'd like to return tomorrow and continue to vie for the 30-something spots. 

Aina Gabriel
Alcantar Ivan
Arman Sahand
Atkin Trey
Baeza Sergio
Bailey Kyle
Bernt Nick
Boyd Hunter
Campbell  Kyler
Canals Justin
Case Charles
Chamberlain Ashton
Cisneros Jorge
Collins Nick
De la torre  Ramon
Dominguez Egiedo
Duarte Preston
Eliason Eric
Ferre Jacob
Ganom Misha
Giacomo Andrew
Gregoire Caden
Guldner Connor
Halvorsen Tyler
Hammond Logan
Hastings Braden
Herrera Ronaldo
Heslop Pete
Heslop Ryan
Kartchner Cade
Keller Austin
Kunkler Samuel
Lake James
Lewis Laran
Lewis Matt
Liddiard Jared
Martinez Edgar
Nichol Brendan
Palacios Yomar
Paradis Cole
Petersen Jordan
Qaisar Hussain
Raty Joshua
Resendiz Joel
Rezaei Farhoud
Rolfson Spencer
Ruff John
Saldivia Jeremy
Salter Josh
Samdup Tenzin
Schneggenburger Eric
Silva Joao
Soriano William
Stout Zachary
Todd Brandon
Underwood Cole
Underwood Marshall
Vizcarra Francisco
Walker Nate
Walkoviak Jackson
Westover Spencer
Yule Calum

If you're not on the list, we hope that you try again. If you'd like to visit with us about things you could work to improve your chances next year, please feel free to stop by and ask. If you're not on the list, and you feel we made a genuine oversight, please come ask me.

We'll meet on the soccer field tomorrow at 3:00 PM. Please be ready to play (stretch, cleats on, warmed up). We'll start with a few sprints.


Sunday, February 22, 2015


Okay, here we go.

Tryouts are Wednesday, February 25th & Thursday, February 26th. We'll start at 3:00 on the track, and then move up to the soccer fields afterwards. We'll finish at 4:45 both days. 

Athletes MUST register at to be eligible to tryout. Not registered? Can't tryout. 

We'll make some cuts after the first afternoon, and invite a majority of players back on Thursday for round two. We will post those results here on the blog.

Be sure to ask if you have questions. 

Good luck, we'll see you soon.