Friday, December 12, 2014


The cost this year is $25.00

Tryouts are coming. They are technically two days, and two hours each day. Preseason Camp allows the coaching staff to get to know potential players better. 

Sign up now! 

Bring a receipt to me or Coach Jaussi.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Tuesday, December 2nd 2014. 

In the span of 30 seconds I have been confronted with two rumors. 

The first was regarding selling oranges. Let's set a couple of things straight. Selling oranges is NOT a requirement to tryout or play for the men's team. We do fundraisers to help the program and to offset costs. We buy equipment that we don't have, and hopefully make things cheaper for the athletes. 

The second was the ridiculous comment that we (I) was only going to take 4 freshmen. Hahahahaahahahahahaahaha. We lost 13 seniors this last year. IF (and that's a huge IF) everyone comes back this year AND (and that's a huge AND) everyone returning makes the team, we'd still need a dozen players. They're likely to be younger players. Why?

Because, coaches, we need to win this season, but also build for future seasons. 

The moral of this story is: sell oranges and tryout. 

Oh, the real moral? If you have a question, don't take anyone's word for anything. ASK ME, or ask Coach Jaussi, or Coach Gasser. 

Get it?

Got it?