Monday, June 30, 2014


Hello everyone, 

I hope your summer is spectacular, filled with sun, and soccer. 

It came to my attention two weeks ago that someone has been representing themselves as a Hillcrest Men's Soccer JV coach and calling junior high students and encouraging them to attend Hillcrest High School. 

I'm still flabbergasted. 

Don't get me wrong, we'd love all the boys who love to play soccer to come to Hillcrest and tryout for the 30-some odd available spots. 

What's got the staff [we don't have a JV coach] baffled, is that why would someone do that? 

It's mostly troubling, however, that they're misrepresenting themselves as an employee of Canyons School District and Hillcrest High School and the soccer team. 

I can assure you--they are neither. 

If you're interested in Hillcrest Soccer staff seeing your student play, please email me (it's on the bottom right of this blog), and we'll make arrangements to come and watch. Between Jared and Kristine and myself, we attend most of the tournaments in the state. We'd be happy to figure something out. 

Past that...see you on the pitch.