Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Seniors

Tonight's game against West is our Senior's last home game. They all received pictures as part of their parting gift. Steve forwarded me a digital copy, and I'm sharing them with everyone tuning in. 

Adam King

John Goodman

Mathew Means

Bodie Pfau

John Guldner

Samuel Figueroa

Carlos Herrera

Jose Gonzalez

Eric Todd

Chris Carden

Odds and Ends

We have a few 1/4 zip NIKE Therma-fit tops remaining for sale. $45 There's even a bottom or two remaining. 

We're able to order one if we don't have your size. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Taken by Steve Carnahan. Pretty great picture of Mathew, John, and Calum.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Okay everyone, get your calendars out. You know, the one hanging by the phone, or the one on the refrigerator, or the one on your phone. 

Got it? 


On Friday, May 30th, at 5:30 we'll have our awards banquet.

Where? The cafeteria. Unless AT200 opens up. Plan on the cafeteria. 

Cafe Rio will cater our little soiree, and we'll pass out a few awards, honor the seniors some more, eat, drink [water], and be merry. 

How much? 

Hillcrest Boys Soccer athletes are free. 

Parents, or anyone else you want to bring, will be charged the catering fee. So, Connie Means will be passing out a flyer detailing this too, and you can text her, or let me know how many people you'll bring to the dinner, so we can get an accurate headcount and have the appropriate amount of food available. 


Our seniors this year include these athletes

Chris Carden
Samuel Figueroa
Jose Gonzalez
John Goodman
John Guldner
Carlos Herrera
Adam King
Mathew Means
Bodie Pfau
Eric Todd

Our Senior Night is this coming Tuesday. 

We'll hold the festivities just before the game at 7:00 PM

I'm attaching several links here for seniors. Please choose your favorite picture of yourself, and email Steve. You have until Saturday night to decide and email him; after that we'll choose for you. 


Here are the links to the varsity matches from Steve's site:

4/21/2014 - Cottonwood @ Hillcrest (RIO Tinto) - http://www.mytoppix.com/p354796213
4/11/2014 - Hunter @ Hillcrest - http://www.mytoppix.com/p367572064
4/4/2014 - Ben Lomond @ Hillcrest - http://www.mytoppix.com/p1004401102
3/27/2014 - Hillcrest @ Cottonwood - http://www.mytoppix.com/p382319578

3/13/2014 - Davis @ Hillcrest - http://www.mytoppix.com/p678966165

So, find you favorite picture, and then email Steve with your choice. HIs email is...

After they've been selected, he'll add it to this folder.


I hope some of that made sense. 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Game Eleven

Monday. April 21st. 

Game at Rio Tinto--home of ReAL Salt Lake. 

For sake of my sanity, and to make this a little easier to load, the 50-something pictures are below the text. 

It's kinda surreal, playing at a professional arena--or at least coaching at one. The field was just 9 yards shorter than normal (they'd reduced it to try and allow the grass to grow and field to mend before Saturday's home game), so the worn area in front of the goals wouldn't get trampled. But it was just as wide, nudging out to 75 yards I suspect. 

We got the whole experience, including the bus pulling up the south dock and hallway leading to the locker rooms.

Red-carpeted locker rooms that a kind parent or two had decorated were wonderful, if not a little too hot. The decorations were sweet gesture, and well received. 

On to business. 

The last time JV played Cottonwood, we got hammered. Badly. Monday night, however, was not the case. Yes, we still lost. But. But, not really. We still faced the same 30-year old seniors, but this time we made it a game. We passed well, we possessed fairly evenly, and we were dangerous. Our structure was spot on, and guys like Eric S, and Hunter played extremely well (don't let that go to your head--we still need to stop the slide tackling please), while Farhoud put on a display in the middle of the field. You know he's good when the other team makes a noise as he darts through and around players. Just wonderful stuff. Tenzin played wonderfully, and Cade up top rounded out a hungry bunch of boys. Luca missed the kick from the mark that would have tied it at 1 - 1, but instead the boys yielded 3 more. If you remove the bounced ball off of the post to score their first, and the last second corner kick they scored, we finished 2 - nil. That is a far cry from the 5 or 6 we gave up last time. That's a tremendous improvement. Eric and Nick and Andrew rounded out the midfield play with Jackson, while Yomar and Conner and Caden kept the line on defense. Mitch was injured and didn't play. Charles and Jake from State Farm split time in the box. 

Things to work on? Transitioning. By that I mean runs off the ball when we have possession. Defensive wings must find their way up the field. Midfield wings must work towards the middle from the weak side. When we do transition, we bring more people into the attack. We don't need four guys standing in the back uninvolved in the play. Yes, they can help deflate a counter attack, but for the most part, it's a wasted opportunity. This week, after Taylorsville, we'll prepare and work on a 4-3-3. 


So. We judge baseball by hits, football by yards gained, and soccer by possession. Most games run near 50-50. This game? 85-15 in our favor. I've rarely seen such domination. runs off the ball, passes traps, completions. All of it. Yes, there's plenty of room for improvement, but still, we dominated the game last night. Samuel and Carlos and Eric and John and John and Jose and Nate and Adam all played up top as forwards. They pressured well, they passed well, they communicated well, they ran off the ball into open space, they simply played well. 

In the end we lost. They scored 15 minutes into the second half from a short cross. The player that headed the ball was in an off-side position. He was one of two players in the position. 

I hate complaining about calls, or lack of them. But these two directly affected the outcome. The tragedy, however, came five minutes previously. A scant 8 minutes into the second half, Samuel was fed a pass by Eric, or maybe Carlos, or maybe Marshall that split the defense to find a passing lane 45 yards from the goal. Samuel broke and Cottonwood defense chased. And at the top of the 18 their center defender tackled Samuel from behind. In FIFA law, it's referred to as DOGSO (Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity), and it must meet four criteria--the four D's (Distance (was it close to the goal--in or near the box mostly though on a break away, I've called it near the center circle), Direction (was the player headed towards the goal, as opposed to moving towards the touch line), Defenders (the number in between the player and the goal), and Distance to the ball (is the attacker playing the ball?, or is the attacker running towards a loose ball?)...well, Samuel, dribbling for 35 yards and no one between him and the goal...meets all four. What's the penalty of a DOGSO? Straight red. In addition...he was tackled dangerously from behind. Straight red all day, every day. So, we should have been a man up for nearly 40 minutes of play. 

We had our chances, regardless. Samuel from 7 yards in the second half, and Matt streaking from 10 out pushed the ball just wide of the post, and Sam from distance just wide of the post left. So many opportunities, so many great chances. We saw them, we were there to make the play, we just couldn't find the back of the net. 

The upside? We're creating a lot of chances. We've still got half the season remaining. We've got a great line up tonight against Taylorsville with fresh legs. We've got a great game plan that sees far more chances than other teams. We've got great athletes and a great team. We can win. We will win. 

Also...Thanks to everyone that came out. There were a lot of people at last night's game, and it was fun to be a part of that crowd. 

~ Raine